About us

It is now 30 years since our eyewear manufactory “Wollenweber” has been founded in Bodenbach, in the region of the Vulkaneifel. And just like in many other successful companies, it was the passion of our founders Dieter and Marita Wollenweber for perfectly executed craftsmanship in combination with special materials which laid the foundation for the long-standing and constant corporate success.

Our company founder Dieter Wollenweber first learned his trade at the company “Coelln optics” in Senscheid. It was there where he enjoyed a training that was very intensive and also allowed him to obtain many years of valuable experience. Subsequently, he established for the company “Team Optic” a manufacture in Switzerland and passed on his skills and knowledge in this new market environment. It was, by the way, in the course of those professional development years where he also met his future wife, Marita, who ventured to tackle the first steps toward self- employment with him.

In 1982 the moment had finally arrived: Excellently trained but with nothing but their creative ideas on their founders account, Dieter and Marita Wollenweber began under difficult conditions and virtually out of nothing with the production of their first own horn-rimmed glasses. They started in the outbuilding of a farm in Bodenbach, brave, full of the joys of life and passionate.

Due to the creative talent and the imagination of our founder, we were able to obtain a reputation in the business as your eyewear specialist “Wollenweber”. From that time on, Dieter Wollenweber kept developing more new, exciting and visually striking material connections with the natural material of buffalo horn. And as the first producer of horn- rimmed glasses at all, he invented a particularly elaborate manufacturing method in the area of craftsmanship, in which the base of each pair of horn-rimmed glasses, the horn sheet, could be provided with wooden laminations. Thanks to this innovative method, it was possible to create completely new and natural colors and shapes.

Since that time, our company has continuously developed.
We are particularly pleased that the succession of the family business has been secured this year, due to the entry of our two daughters Sarah Wollenweber (in the commercial sector) and Vanessa Wollenweber (in the studio). Thus, it is now the next Wollenweber generation that is setting out, in cooperation with the two founders and 10 employees, to maintain not only the manual production of individually designed horn-rimmed eyeglasses in the Eifel and especially at the Bodenbach location, but also to reliably continue the business in a long- standing and innovative way.